trucking footage and imagery for the arts and sciences


The artistic and pedagogical work of trucking expert Lew Grill. The stock trucking videography by trucking expert Lew Grill is shot from a variety of angles inside and outside the truck, including the truckers point of view while driving, or sitting in a passenger seat looking out windows, mirror shots, and shots with the camera mounted from various angles outside and inside the cab. Lew Grill's collection also includes instructional videos and instructional video segments, many of which have been produced to fill the void of demonstrative information lacking in the trucking industry. Lew Grill's footage is primarily shot from his W900L Aerocab Kenworth. The truck is set up with a number of remote control cameras at various angles capable of remotely recording, pausing, adjusting focus, iris, zoom, and camera position in motion from the driver's seat -- without taking his mind off the road. The truck has 7 mirrors and 10 windows to monitor surroundings by minimizing the blind spots that most other trucks are susceptible to. The subject matter he shoots covers the concepts of visual search, speed and space management, hazard perception and avoidance, night operation, extreme weather, backing, shifting, weigh station procedures, truck stop and rest area visits, to name a few.